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3 reasons why you should pick ModularSport for your sports projects

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / 3 reasons why you should pick ModularSport for your sports projects
Picture of a modular basketball court / ista de cancha de baloncesto con losas modulares

3 reasons why you should pick ModularSport for your sports projects

The characteristics of the projects we work on change with each client, since each person/*institution have different needs. If you are researching which companies you should choose to install a court on your property or institution, we will explain why ModularSport is specially qualified to carry out this project successfully.

1. We can adapt the courts that we sell to any space

ModularSport has what we call court kits for sports like tennis, basketball, and futsal. What are these court kits? They are courts of predetermined dimensions that we already have in our warehouse, disassembled and ready to ship.

What if none of the available court kits fit your space needs? If that is the case, contact us and explain to us what you need. We can design a court especially to meet your requirements.

2. We have flexible processes and we can adapt to what you want

The clients we have are very different. Some of them are ready to install the modular courts that we sell by themselves, while there are others who prefer that others take care of this process.

No matter what you prefer, we can adapt to your wishes. Do you want our staff to install the court in your home or institution? We can do it perfectly; our staff is trained to do it quickly and efficiently..

If you prefer to install the court yourself, we will simply send you the tiles that make up the court perfectly numbered. This package will come with a detailed instruction manual so you know how to join the tiles together to form the whole sports court.

3. Our sports courts are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology

The courts that we sell are manufactured by Versacourt, an international company who leaders the sports courts market. Versacourt courts are distinguished by the fact that they are modular, that is, they are made up of small tiles that are joined together to form the entire court.

The tiles are made of a material that gives the court a uniform surface that allows the ball to rebound naturally while offering great grip to the athletes. Although consistent and capable of withstanding significant impacts, the material is capable of absorbing the force suffered by the players’ joints when running and jumping. This feature allows the athletes to avoid injuries.

Are you interested in what we do? Contact us and you will be surprised by everything we can offer you.

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