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3 types of modular floors: one for every need

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / 3 types of modular floors: one for every need
Modular tiles: how they are made?

3 types of modular floors: one for every need

Before buying your future sports court, you should be well informed about the details. In this blog post, we will explain everything you need to know about each one of our 3 types of modular floors:

  • their quality,
  • their durability
  • and which sports are best suited for each of them.


Compete-type modular tiles are great for indoor spaces with a very intense activity. These surfaces are ideal for safer sport practice and will have a long lifespan. They won’t need maintenance as well.

The tiles that made the court have a 6 point anchor system to keep them in place. The system creates a uniform surface as well to help the ball to rebound and roll smoothly.

The sports best suited for this surface are basketball, indoor soccer and tennis. If you wish, you can combine these sports or more in a multi-sports court.

Game Outdoor

If you want to enjoy your sports court outdoors, then the type of modular floor you are looking for is Game Outdoor. It will exceed your expectations thanks to its

  • safe design
  • high capacity to absorb impacts,
  • mechanism to quickly drain water.

This court is the best for playing pickleball, basketball, shuffleboard, tennis, handball and futsal. You can even combine these games in a multisport court!


For small spaces, especially outdoors, we recommend using the Active tile. This tile was designed to bear the weight of a passing vehicle –but it cannot be a parking lot!–. So, it is right if the sports court will share some space with a garage.

It is very easy to maintain: with just some water and a broom, you will sweep away all the dirt.

The sports we recommend for this surface are volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard or, if you wish, a multisport court.

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