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4 sports to play on a multi-sport court

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4 sports to play on a multi-sport court

A multi-sports court is a solution when your backyard, community or institution don’t have many spaces available for recreation. It’s a sports court that can host matches of many sports and games.

You can pick as many sports you like to offer in that space. Let’s show you the most popular options:

Multi-sports court where people can play basketball

1. Basketball

Our clients love basketball. The sports court we sell –they are manufactured by VersaCourt– can be adapted to your available space. Thus, you can have a standard basketball field, an entire but smaller field or half court.

2. Racket sports

The modular surfaces we sell have been certified by the International Tennis Federation. So you can play a tennis match there.

Even though the modular floor is composed of many tiles that fit together, there are neither gaps nor seams. For that reason, you will notice that the ball bounces naturally. Also, our modular floors are very forgiving with the players’ knees and joints. For that reason, you will have an enjoyable experience

However, there you can play other racket sports such as pickleball. You could have fun playing with your friends or family.

Picture of a multi-sports court where you could play shuffleboard

3. Shuffleboard

It’s a game right for all members of the family, kids and elders alike. It requires neither strength nor speed.

Even though it is not a high-performance sport, people can have a wonderful time.

4. Volleyball

Volleyball is a great team sport that a lot of people can play and enjoy.

As you can see, we can draw the markings for the sports you choose. So, if you want to purchase multi-sports court, contact us and tell us what sports/games you want to play.

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