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Anti-theft protection: how to protect your ModularSport court

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Anti-theft protection: how to protect your ModularSport court

Anti-theft protection: how to protect your ModularSport court

The modular sports courts that ModularSport sells are made up of very resistant polymer tiles and are placed on a cement base. If necessary, the court can be raised again and moved to another location. Due to its portability, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid thieves stealing your sports court.

Thankfully, ModularSport offers two solutions that, together, reduce the chances of theft of your modular sport court. These solutions are:

Court Protect system

The Court Protect system will secure the limits of the court, by anchoring the perimeter tiles to the underlying base. It is an ideal solution for outdoor and public sports venues, since it is a cheaper product than an alternative frame made in metal. Because the Court Protect installation goes unnoticed, it will be difficult to crack for those trying to steal from you.

Additionally, the flexibility of the Court Protect system will help prevent the deformation of the court, due to its continuous use over time and temperature changes. The system achieves that thanks to the adaptive materials it is made of, which adjust to dimensional changes.

Its simple installation process allows anyone to install it, even without prior training.

Court Lock system

It is a complement to Court Protect. The Court Lock system secures the remaining tiles that compose the court to each other. To install it, you will need no special tools. Additionally, the securing mechanism between the tiles is very small and will not be very noticeable.

By applying this set of anti-theft systems in your sports club, hotel, building or home, you will be able to prevent attempts to steal your modular sports court. If you are interested in installing a sports court and want to protect it, contact us and ask about these anti-theft systems.

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