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Ball rebounder system, the perfect accessory to your court

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Ball rebounder system, the perfect accessory to your court

We count with multiple accesories conceived to simplify and improve the playtime, and one of them is our ball rebounder system.

The ball rebounder system comes with a multi-functional net that its provided with a training aid. Our rebounder system gives to the player a very realistic ball response that will help him to react to each shot just the way she will have to do when playing a match.

Once installed, the main benefit of this accessory is that it can be used as a tool to practice almost any sport, thanks to the versatility of its net. Also, the rebounder system can provide a good physical workout to the player.

Who can use our ball rebounder system?

Our ball rebounder system can be useful, for example, to tennis players who can practice groundstrokes by themselves using the rebounder system as an imaginary opponent. The soccer players can shoot balls by themselves and train without a partner or a team.

The hocker players can practice slapshots and the basketball players can practice a give-n-go while running to the basket.

Ball rebounder system: available options

Because we know that sometimes multiple players need to practice by themselves, at the same time, to increase their skills, we offer you two different options for our rebounder net that you can choose according to the possible number of users.

Our first and smaller model comes with a square shaped net of 10′ x 10′ and our second and larger model comes with a 10′ x 20′ rectangle-shaped net. Our ball rebounder system has been conceived in such a way that even kids could enjoy it, because they can discover the multiple sports that they can practice, and the ones that they prefer over the rest.

At the same time, the kids can improve their skills at a very young age. Thus, this accesory can be very useful and a relief for coaches and parents as well, thanks to its capability to transform the training time into play time.

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