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Benefits of our open-area volleyball courts

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Benefits of our open-area volleyball courts

At the moment of the design of your new volleyball court, we think how can we make it more functional. This is why we made a global list of all the benefits that have the outside courts we made, and that we personalize according to the needs and tastes of our clients:

Fresh air

It’s crucial for your players to breath fresh air, instead of the polluted one in the closed courts. This is why we increase a little the court field, to let it be above the rest of your ground. By doing that, we allow a better air circulation thanks to a better reach of the wind.

Easily washable

The same reason that allow your players to breath fresh air, allows you too to count with an easily washable volleyball court. You only need a hose with a strong water force, and point into the dirtiness all the way to one of the corners, and let it fall.

Natural lighting

Thanks to the outside location, all of your players can enjoy the natural lighting of the sun. This will not only let you avoid light expenses during the day, it will also take care of the sight of your volleyball players because the natural light it’s better for them than the artificial one, thanks to it let them focus without strain the eyes.

Increase the willing to play

The outside is related with the willing to play, which is why this kind of courts increase the desire to start the match, the self-esteem of the players, the group union, the fellowship and minimize the things that are attached to the disgust like competition or low wishes to keep playing.

Modular floors

Our cherry of the cake is our modular floors, which gives you multiple benefits like the low chances of severe falls, because it isn’t slippery at all.


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