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Dryer Valley Baptist Church Multisports Court

Modular floors: One system, many sports

Many of our clients ask for a multisports court, that is, a court that includes many sports within the same space. For this reason, ModularSport began to market modular floors that can contain, in the same court, a wide array of sports. It is possible to...

The kind of hockey rinks ModularSport sells / sta de hockey de ModularSport / Pista de hockey de ModularSport

Pick your skate rink by ModularSport in 3 steps

At ModularSport we know how hard it can be to choose the small details that are essential for you to get the skating rink of your dreams. For this reason, we offer you a small tutorial to make the task easier: 1. Choose where the rink...

Volleyball courts with Modular Sport: 5 benefits for athletes

The volleyball courts that ModularSport offers you have multiple benefits for athletes. You won't find those benefits anywhere else: 1. Anti-slip system Thanks to its superior grip and exceptional traction, your athletes will be able to have a safe surface to play without risking tripping or falling,...

ModularSport's modular tennis courts

Modular tennis courts are certified by the ITF

The ModularSport courts have the International Tennis Federation (ITF) certification. This certification means that official matches can be played there. To receive that certification a tennis court must meet the following 4 requirements: Uniformity: The surface must be smooth. Visual inspection: The court must have...

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