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Compete tiles: ideal for better sport fields

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Compete tiles: ideal for better sport fields

Compete tiles: ideal for better sport fields

ModularSport installs VersaCourt compete tiles for sports fields. These tiles offer a durable, safe and stable surface to host high-performance sport competitions in your sports club . It is a surface that can be used for many sports and will require barely any maintenance whatsoever.

These competition tiles offer a very good grip to the players and let them achieve a better performance. At the same time, the shock-absorbing surface helps them to avoid joint injuries.

Compete tiles made of very resistant materials

As a VersaCourt representative, we can confirm that these tiles are made with a special polymer that protects players from scratches and injuries during a very intense match. This material also ensures a long life to the surface systems ModularSport installs.

A unique surface to protect athletes

The compete tiles that our company install have a very small vertical give and can move slightly side-to-side. This feature allows our surface systems to be shock-absorbing and in consequence help players to avoid pain and injuries in their knees, joints and lower back.

Additionally, the unique profile of these tiles offer players a very firm grip and traction to run and change directions quickly during a match or training session.The small perforations on them help to reduce the sound and act as diffusers –they let the humidity beneath the tiles to evaporate.

The sports field is customizable

The color and graphics on the fields we install can be customized to your sports club needs. Our company can offer our tiles in a wide array of colors. If necessary, we can insert your sports club logo in the court design

Are you interested? Please, get in touch with one of our representatives. You will be surprised by everything our company can offer.

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