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Design and install your own sports court in 5 steps

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Diseña e instala la cancha de tus sueños en 5 pasos

Design and install your own sports court in 5 steps

With the modular floors we sell you can do something incredible. You can design and install the sports court of your dreams in a few steps.

Do you want to know how to achieve it? Actually, it is simpler than you can imagine. We will tell you everything

Steps to design and install a court with ModularSport

1. Do you have a space? Measure it!

Measure the space where you want to install your sports court. It can be for any sport you want. Believe us when we tell you that whatever you dream of is possible.

2. Design your court

To design your sports court, use VersaCourt’s interactive court designer. ModularSport is a proud distributor of VersaCourt products.

With that tool, you can customize a court that matches your subfloor and style. Here, you can choose the size, the colors, the markings and the logo –if you want one–. When you have designed the sports court, click on the Save button to save your design.

3. Request a quote

With your design ready, contact our team. You’ll have to wait at most 48 hours so a ModularSport representative can reply. Our representative will send you a quote. That quote will include the product delivery to the place where you’ll install the court.

4. Your court will soon be a reality

When you approve the quote we send you, then it’s time for you to send the agreed payment.

Then, you will receive the final drawing of the sports court for your approval. When it is approved, we will soon send it to production.

Finally, you will receive a picture of the finished court before we send it to you.

5. Shipping and installation

Now that we have the sports court finished, it’s just a matter of breaking it down into sections and sending it to you.

The tiles will be packed so that you can install them easily and quickly. Just follow the instructions we will attach. If you don’t want to install the sports court yourself, we can take care of it.

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