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It is very easy to design the sports court of your dreams

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / It is very easy to design the sports court of your dreams
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It is very easy to design the sports court of your dreams

When buying a modular sports court, you might wonder if the space you have available will be enough. However, it’s rare that you can choose key elements that will make your court look just like you dreamed it would. For this reason, we present you the design details you can decide with ModularSport:


To make your court look exactly the way you want it, first you need to know what options you have to achieve that goal. ModularSport gives you the possibility to pick the colors that you want and the logo or name of your choice. Also, you can decide about the markings it will have, but they will depend on the sport you want to practice.

In case that these options are not enough, we will gladly look for the most reasonable solution for you .


ModularSport has in inventory many models of sports courts in predefined sizes. In this fashion, you can choose the most convenient according to the space you have available. If none of these sizes is right, our team of experts will be able to prepare a customized court that suits your needs.

Outdoors or indoors?

Probably when you decide to buy your modular court, you will already know where you want to place it. Here at ModularSport we sell sports courts suitable for indoors or outdoors. According to the type of environment where it will be located, the court should have a drainage system to eliminate moisture.

The outdoor courts have a system designed to drain rainwater and prevent puddles. In this way, the field can be reused in less time and players can avoid falls due to the slippery floor.

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