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Everything you need to know about installing a volleyball court

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What ModularSport's volleyball courts can offer you

Everything you need to know about installing a volleyball court

Volleyball is one of the favorite sports among ModularSport clients, because it is a very fun sport that has quite simple rules. Since people of any age can participate in the game, it can be enjoyed both in a sports club and at home. Now, to install a volleyball court and be able to play, let us explain you everything you will need:

What do you need to install the court properly?

All the necessary elements for a correct installation will be inside the packages wherein your court will be delivered. This court must be installed on a smooth and uniform surface of concrete or asphalt. This base should be slightly larger than the court, since the volleyball court will contract or expand depending on the ambient temperature.

ModularSport or another contractor can handle the installation of the concrete or asphalt base. However, you should confirm with us the dimensions that the base must have before starting the process.

How could I know how to place the tiles correctly?

To avoid errors, inside the box you will find an instruction manual that will tell you how to proceed and thus successfully install your court. You will also notice that the tiles are numbered so that you can place them in an orderly manner. This will allow you to install your court quickly and efficiently, thus allowing you to save time and start enjoying your favorite sport as soon as possible.

Could I delegate the installation of the court?

If you do not have time or are not interested in installing the volleyball court yourself, you can count on us to do it for you. You will only need to specify, at the time of purchase, what you want to include in the installation service and if you already have the concrete base.

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