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FAQ on modular floors

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FAQ on modular floors

When purchasing your ModularSport sports court, it is important that you are informed about the benefits that its modular floor will give you. The great versatility of these courts is no secret, giving you the possibility of using them as you see fit.

However, in order to clear up the most frequent doubts that our clients usually have, we present the following answers to the most frequently asked questions about ModularSport modular floors:

Are the sports courts able to withstand extreme temperatures?

Being made of polypropylene with UV inhibitors, and having withstood brittleness tests in temperatures of -30ºC, we can say with absolute certainty that they are more than capable of withstanding extreme weather. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy physical activity outdoors without worrying about external factors damaging your sports court.

Can the sports courts serve as a parking lot?

No. Modular sports courts can withstand the weight of a moving car, but not the weight of a parked car. That means, a car can pass on the sports courts when entering or exiting the garage, but it cannot serve as a parking lot.

Will it be necessary to repaint the lines of play?

For the game markings we use a highly durable and performance polyurethane paint, whose lifespan will extend from 7 to 10 years. That lifespan is understood within continuous use outdoors –that is, in covered spaces and with use seldom its useful life will be extended even longer.

Do the sports courts drain the water?

Thanks to the pores that each and every one of the tiles that will make up your modular sports court have, you will avoid the problem that practically all sports courts have: the accumulation of water on their surface, causing problems such as tripping and falling that can lead to fractures or perfectly preventable injuries.

Do the sports courts have a warranty?

ModularSport courts have a 15-year warranty.

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