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FAQ on our basketball courts

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FAQ on our basketball courts

If you want to invest in the installation of a basketball court, it is common that us to clarify some matters. This is why we made the following list of the frequent asked questions that our clients have:

Can I buy a court from ModularSport and install it myself?

Many of our clients want to install their courts themselves. For that reason, we put all of our effort on making its packing and installation very simple. It just needs a flat base.

Does my basketball court require a concrete base?

The best base for your basketball court is made of concrete. The base should be 4 in. thick and with #4 reinforcement bars to offer you the longest lifespan. However, it is possible to install our courts on an asphalt base.

We do not recommend to install a court on a compacted stone base.

Why does my basketball court shifts on its surface?

The smaller courts with a lot of activity may experience some shifting towards the goal. The shifting is caused because of the repeated running and stopping toward the goal.

To prevent the tiles from shifting, you should anchor your court after its installation. Fix the tiles on the opposing side to the goal with concrete screws.

Will the extreme weather damage the tiles?

Our tiles are produced to make our courts resist very low temperatures and snow. We have tested our tiles in conditions of minus 25°F and our courts have been installed successfully in areas with very cold winters, such as Alaska and Canada.

How could I replace a tile if it gets damaged?

Our tiles are very resistant. If by chance one tile gets damaged, they can be replaced very easily. How? Well, insert a screwdriver into a hole close to a corner and pull it up.

What court sizes do you have available?

ModularSport offers you some standard basketball courts, including half courts and full courts. Also, we have some smaller courts if you have lesser space available. However, we could design and make a court tailored just for you to match your needs.

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