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7 features of our indoor soccer fields

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Una cancha de fútbol sala / An indoor soccer field

7 features of our indoor soccer fields

We know how important it is for you to have an indoor soccer field that does not require a constant upkeep. For this reason, we offer you a list of features of our indoor soccer fields:

1. They come in 2 sizes

Our experience lead us to design a secondary court, with a lesser surface than the only one model we initially developed. The reason to do it was that our bigger court, with a surface of 6779.11 feet2, was not useful for our customers without enough space to accomodate it.

Now, Modular Sport can offer you a court of 4124.30 feet2. It is not only a smaller soccer field, but it also implies a reduced budget in comparison to the bigger one.

2. They are modular fields

The design of our modular floors is conceived for the best performance of the soccer players.

3. They have well-defined dimensions

We know how important it is for you that your playing field has well-defined dimensions. A slight miscalculation can produce confusions during playtime.

4. Their markings are of excellent quality

It’s essential that the line markings of your indoor soccer field be perfectly visible. To this end, the markings of the playing field are made with a high quality paint, so it can resist the passage of time. Besides, this paint is made of a highly reflective mix and, as a result, the lines are easily seen from every angle.

5. They come with standard goals

The soccer goals we install are made of aluminum, and they come in standard sizes according to the surface of the playing field.

6. The playing field can be made of different materials

Although we specialize in installing sports courts with modular floors, we can set your playing field up with artificial turf.

7. They are installed by highly qualified professionals

To ensure the quality of your playing field, our company has highly qualified professionals who have a long experience in building sports fields.

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