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Features the floor around a pool should have

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¿Qué características deben tener los pisos que se instalan alrededor de las piscinas?

Features the floor around a pool should have

For many people, swimming pools convey a sense of rest, happiness and fun. However, for those who manage one, whether in a residential complex, public or private site, the situation carries greater seriousness. The responsibility of maintaining a swimming pool with all quality and safety standards is essential to avoid accidents for users and complex problems for you.

What we want to talk to you about today is something that surely many people think could simply be omitted or left for last: the floor around the pool is essential to provide an unforgettable experience to users.

A modular system for swimming pools is what you need

ModularSport modular systems sells custom made flooring in polypropylene, a highly flexible material. One of its features is that these floors do not heat up, making it possible for bathers to walk barefoot with total peace of mind.

Now, among the dangers that wet floors have, falls can easily be one of the most important. For this reason, the non-slip system of our floors is one of the best features of our product. It doesn’t matter what type of footwear people use, if the floor is wet –the most common case– no one will slip.

Lastly, you should know that our modular pool systems offer a dynamic and colorful appearance for many years –they come with a 15-year guarantee. The floor is made with a UV filter so that their colors remain intact, no matter how harsh the sun is. They also have a grid to drain the water.

As you can see, this is a solution that not only offers safety, but also allows you to save money on maintenance. What are you waiting for to install this floor for your swimming pool?

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