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Game Outdoor, the best modular floor for outdoor sports courts

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Accesorios que debe tener una cancha multideporte de ModularSport

Game Outdoor, the best modular floor for outdoor sports courts

ModularSport sells modular tiles that are right for assembling sports courts. The Game Outdoor tile, manufactured by VersaCourt, is one of the best for outdoor fields.

Why? Because these tiles

  • are very durable. They are made of a special polymer that is very hard to break and gives them a very long lifespan, mostly 15 years.
  • are very low-maintenance. Just sweep the surface or clean it with water. That’s it!
  • drain water easily. They allow the surface to dry faster after raining in comparison with other fields

What sports are ideal for a court made with Game Outdoor tiles?

The Game Outdoor tiles are the best for ball sports. Basketball, tennis, pickleball, futsal… You name it.

Why are the courts made with these tiles so good?

Let’s begin with the surface. These tiles have an interlocking system that sticks them together. That system keeps the surface smooth as well. Why is this relevant? Thanks to its smooth surface, the ball will bounce or roll naturally.

Secondly, its durability. Yes, we already talked about it. I mention it again because the sports court can withstand a lot of activity. So, a court made of these tiles can bear matches every day or most days.

Lastly, the Game Outdoor tiles are shock-absorbing. What does that mean? Usually when players jump, run and change direction, their knees absorb that impact. However, the sports courts made with these tiles absorb an important part of that impact. That feature helps you to stay injury-free.

Game Outdoor tiles are very good for multi-sports courts

All the features we have talked about are right for many sports at the same time. That’s why these tiles are the right choice for a multi-sports court. Our staff can draw the markings on the tiles for all the sports you might want to play.

Also, the tiles can be customized. We can paint the surface of the court with the colors, letters and logo you wish. After all, it will be your court!

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