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Hear what Scottie Pipen says about the modular basketball courts

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Hear what Scottie Pipen says about the modular basketball courts

As a family man and NBA star, Scottie Pippen is a proud owner of a modular basketball court. This 6-time NBA champion and one of the 50 greatest players of all time has in his home a modular court produced by VersaCourt, the company that manufactures the modular courts that we sell at ModularSport.

What does Scottie Pippen see on a modular basketball court?

As Pippen explains in an interview with a VersaCourt team, this modular court gives him the opportunity to enjoy a professional basketball court at home and, at the same time, it is a space that his children can use for other purposes, such as for instance, skating, riding a bike, playing soccer…

Pippen highlights other benefits this court has offered him

  • He does not suffer from joint aches after an intense training session.
  • The ball has an excellent response, because it bounces on the modular floor just as it would on a wooden floor.
  • He had a first-class experience from the moment of the design of the court to the choice of its colors.
  • The court is quite durable, as it can perfectly withstand changes in temperature and the wear caused by being outdoors.
  • Pippen believes the basketball goals, provided by VersaCourt, meet the NBA standards.
  • The grass of the backyard was replaced with a sports court, making that area easier to maintain

Finally, Pippen explains that, when he decided to install a basketball court in his home, he did a very thorough research about court suppliers throughout the United States and concluded that the modular courts manufactured by VersaCourt, our supplier, were the most durable and the best in the market. .

Modular basketball courts, such as the ones we market at ModularSport, satisfy discerning individuals like Scottie Pippen. Do you think that standard will be enough for you? If that is the case, contact us and you will see everything that the modular courts that we sell can offer you.

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