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Hockey Court

While our competitors offer multiple use surfaces that can be used for roller hockey and in-line skates hockey, Modular Sport offers tiled court surfaces designed exclusively for roller and in-line skates hockey.

For both indoor and outdoor spaces, the VersaCourt Speed product line is made with unique surface designs for a better skating performance, exceptional durability, and perfect disc displacement. In terms of performance, VersaCourt are in a league of their own.


Easy to clean with a broom, hose, or leaf blower.


We offer limited warranty as well as lifetime warranty for our VersaCourt Systems.

Superior friction

Its unique surface offers a superior grip and friction for players.

Hasta 50% más fresco

The tile surface keeps up to 50% cooler than concrete or asphalt.

Unmatched durability

Supports heavy play and unfavorable weather conditions.

Wide range of colors

The mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of colors.

Fully custom-made

Add lines, designs, and logos of your favorite games.

Suspension surface

Easy on player’s knees, lower back, and joints.


The VersaCourt Speed Indoor surfaces’ special embossing creates a safe and soft touch with the players’ skates, which allows for faster acceleration and greater maneuvering ability. Players’ skates touch the upper layer with little friction during cruising speeds. while in curves and stops the skates anchor themselves on the interior layer of the for a better grip. We also offer special panels steeped in silicone in the goalie’s area in order to help the goalie carry out fast lateral maneuvers.

The true magic happens with our unique mosaic surface design. Each VersaCourt Speed Indoor tile has tiny elevated heads on their surface, which slightly elevates the hockey disc as if it was sliding on ice. Additionally, our unique superficial perforations diffuse the air pressure build-up under the hockey disc, thereby preventing it from flipping or tumbling.


VersaCourt Speed Outdoor was designed specifically for outdoor skating and in-line skating hockey. The unique design of Speed Outdoor tile allows for a natural sliding motion of the disc and the precision block system provides a smooth and monolithic skating surface with the best grip in the industry.

The Speed Outdoor Hockey courts also have a quick drainage as well as perforations on the surface and heat expansion junctions, which makes this the ideal surface for any climate conditions.


For multi-purpose installations, our court design experts will work with you to best come up with the solution that will fit a variety of sports and activities according to your needs. We also offer a wide selection of accessories for court sports, among these, basketball headboards and nets, so you may organize all your activities in a more efficient manner.

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