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How a ModularSport basketball court is installed

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How a ModularSport basketball court is installed

ModularSport basketball courts will surprise you with the many benefits they offer you, such as their non-slip properties, their system to prevent injuries when falling, and their drainage system. They have a very easy installation process as well.

Do you want to know how a ModularSport court is installed? Let’s see

1. Install the cement base

The first step is to place a base of cement, concrete or asphalt in your backyard. The measures of the base should be a little larger than the ones your court will have.

The base surface must not have any cracks. If there is a crack of 1 inch that has not been fixed before placing the court, it is most likely that the ball will not bounce or roll naturally on the cracked areas.

2. Install the court tiles

The next step to follow is to install your basketball court on top of the base. The court tiles are numbered and accompanied by a diagram indicating where they should be placed. This will allow the court to be installed in an extremely simple and practical way.

If you wish, it can be an educational game opportunity for your children: due to the simplicity of the process, the children will be able to contribute to the installation of the sports court and you all can have a good time as a family.

3. Install the necessary accessories

To finish the process of installing the court, it is necessary to place the accessories that will allow you to enjoy the games that you will play there. For a basketball court, the essential accessory is the goal.

ModularSport works with MegaSlam goals, known for their high quality and track record. To install this accessory, a deep hole is made at the edge of the court where the goal will rest, its base is placed there, and then concrete is poured in to fix it in position.

There are MegaSlam rings that allow you to adjust the height of the hoop. In this way, you can modify it according to your height or your children’s.

All stages of this process can be left in your hands or, if you wish, it can be left under our responsibility.

Do you want more information on how to have a basketball court in your own home? Contact us and you will see how easy the whole process is.

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