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How a ModularSport tennis court is constructed

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How a ModularSport tennis court is constructed

Do you want to build a tennis court at your home or your sports center? ModularSport may be in charge of the whole construction process, from start to finish. Our company believes the installation process of a tennis court should be as easy as possible. You just have to do only one thing: give us the desired size of your court and we will handle the rest.

ModularSport will prepare the specifications of the court base and we will handle the rest of the process: the fabrication of the tiles and its packaging to be easily assembled.

How are the ModularSport’s tennis courts constructed?

The first stage is the construction of a concrete base. This base will be designed by our technical staff with the dimensions and location you desire.

Once the construction of the base is finished, we can install the court tiles in a process that can last between 4 and 6 hours. If you wish, you can install the court yourself: the process is really straightforward.

Our tennis courts are durable and they can be installed either when a new court is built and when an already damaged and fractured court needs renovation.

Do the ModularSport’s tennis courts have standard sizes?

A standard tennis court is 78 in. long and 27 in. wide –the doubles courts are 36 inches wide–. The net is strung at the center with a 3 in. high. The service lines are located at a distance of 21 in.

Also, the ModularSport’s tennis courts offer many benefits: they are very durable and offer a very natural ball bounce. Additionally, the tiles are ITF certified.

Our courts are not harmed by the extreme weather conditions. Our tennis courts tiles ahave been thoroughly tested to -25°F.

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