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How Modularsport can help you to revitalize your tennis court

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / How Modularsport can help you to revitalize your tennis court

How Modularsport can help you to revitalize your tennis court

When you run a high-end sports club, hotel, or condominium and manage a number of sports venues of any kind, you will probably notice that, as time goes by, flaws appear in sports fields.

Common problems such as unevenness, cracks and holes are defects that are difficult and often expensive to repair. This is especially serious on tennis courts, because the sport requires the player to run a lot in all directions.

Repair or start over?

This high cost and the complexity of managing these repairs is a factor to consider, but there is also the obsolescence of the construction techniques of yesteryear. While these defects can obviously be repaired, they may not achieve the same level of aesthetic appeal and quality as new sport courts.

Also, the price may be high compared to the final result you will receive.

Renew your court without much trouble

ModularSport offers an opportunity to revitalize your tennis court in a complete, functional and versatile way, with a 15-year guarantee. How is it possible? Simple: you can install a modular tennis court over your deteriorated court.

Reuse of your tennis court

Modular sports courts need a firm base. Although a concrete surface is usually recommended as a base, your worn down tennis court can work as such. However, if the court has very large unevenness or cracks, we will have to repair them so that these unevenness do not affect the surface of the modular court.

The tiles that make up our sports courts are a few millimeters from the ground. For this reason, it is necessary that the surface of the base be smooth; otherwise it will affect the rebound of the ball and the players might trip as well.

Lay the ModularSport tiles

The next stage is to place the tiles on top of the already fixed court. Once the installation of the tiles and the court accessories is complete, you will be able to enjoy a state-of-the-art tennis court in accordance with the latest industry standards. The courts that we sell have a certification from the International Tennis Federation.

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