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How to build a basketball court with modular floors

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How to build a basketball court with modular floors

Are you considering building a basketball court in your backyard or your community? Maybe you won’t believe it, but it’s not that expensive. And better, the process can be done very quickly.

How is a basketball court built?

1. Build the base (if there’s none)

This is the most important step of the process. Because the base will support the basketball court. A firm base will help the court to have a long lifespan.

Our staff can deal with the construction for you or you can do it yourself, if that’s what you want. In that case, we’ll give you the specification you should send to your contractor.

The base can be made of asphalt, compacted stone or concrete. We consider the latter the best material.

Do you already have a concrete base that fits the specifications? Then you should fix the cracks, if there are any. Any crack bigger than 1/2’’ could interfere with the bounce of the ball.

2. Dig the holes to install the basketball goals

The hole where the goal will be installed should be 48 inches deep and each side 16 inches long.

During the installation of the goals, you will need help. The backboard is really heavy. You might need 4 people to lift it!

3. Install the tiles

When the base is ready, then you’ll receive some packages containing the modular tiles. In one package, you will find the instructions you should follow to install the tiles. Once you’ve placed every tile, the basketball court will be completed.

The tiles are numbered and the instructions will tell you how to place them correctly.

The tiles fit together. You need neither nails nor glue. Just press the borders down and that’s it.

Keep in mind that the court should be anchored to the base to prevent shifts. That process is done around the external borders of the court.

4. Enjoy!

Once the installation is finished, play and have fun!

Yet again, we can handle this process for you. In any case, contact us if you have any questions. We want to help you to enjoy your favorite game with your friends and family.

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