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How to easily maintain the modular floors provided by ModularSport

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How to easily maintain the modular floors provided by ModularSport

One of the main concerns of our clients – and one that is decisive when choosing their own court – is that they do not know how to maintain its modular floor. The reason is obvious: buying and installing a sports court is no small expense, so our customers want to be sure that they will get something of great value for their money.

For this reason, the maintenance of the courts that we sell is an extremely easy and simple task, and it could even be a moment of fun for both adults and children. This maintenance will vary depending on the location you have chosen to place your court:

Maintenance for an indoor court

The maintenance that indoor courts require is very simple: you just have to sweep it with a common broom to receive the best results. However, if it is still not enough, you can use water to restore the shine you want and deserve to have on your court.

Maintenance for an outdoor court

As for outdoor courts, you can use a leaf blower to remove everything that is deposited on the surface of the modular floor. Thanks to the fact that its surface is smooth, the dirt on it will be removed quickly. Also, because of the uniformity of the floor, the dirt will not get trapped in any elevation or gap, so your court will be 100% clean.

You can also use a pressure hose for a better result, as long as the hose is set to its lowest pressure level and is not pointed directly at the painted lines. However, if that did not work or if the court had not been kept clean continuously, the dirt might have found its way under the court. This problem is solved by removing the relevant tiles to remove the dirt.

What should I do if a modular tile is damaged?

If your court was installed properly, the tiles of the floor will not require any extra maintenance. Nonetheless, if you discover that one tile is damaged, do not worry because it can be replaced very easily.

You only have to remove it, and replace the old tile with a new one. If you don’t have a new tile available, you can write to us to request one.

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