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Install a sports court in your backyard

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Cancha deportiva modular / Modular sports court

Install a sports court in your backyard

If you want to put your backyard to good use, the solution to that problem is easier than you think. You could install a sports court there.

Not kidding! You can install a sports court with the modular flooring system that we sell. That’s the most practical and cheaper solution. There are other advantages that we want to tell you about.

Modular floors are the best for recreational and professional sports. They also work well for backyards, outdoors or indoors.

In any case, you will get a sports court that offers an excellent bouncing of the ball. And it ensures the safety of the players too.

The modular floors ModularSport sell are:

1. Easy to maintain

To regularly clean the modular floor, use a broom, a hose or a leaf blower. That will be enough to keep the sports court in good condition for many years. Besides, it makes the maintenance very simple and you can save money.

2. Safe

Modular floors are made with an anti-slip design to reduce injuries due to falls. They also are shock-absorbing. When running or jumping, the surface moves slightly from side to side. That movement reduces the damage to the joints and lower back of the players.

3. Customizable

Our modular sports court can be customized. Choose the color, logos and text you like best. Our staff will paint the design you chose before delivery.

Maybe you think you don’t have enough space for a sports court. Don’t worry, at ModularSport we have courts of many sizes. For example, look at these tennis/pickleball courts of different sizes. If none of those are right for you, get in touch and tell us what you need.

Contact us if we have convinced you that installing a modular sports court at your home is the best option for you. At ModularSport we want you to have fun with your family and friends.

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