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Installation of a Modular Sport court, so easy that everyone can make it

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Instalar una cancha de Modular Sport, tan fácil que todos lo pueden hacer

Installation of a Modular Sport court, so easy that everyone can make it

When evaluating the purchase of a court, it is important to recognize all those details that can be useful so you may reduce costs. For this reason, ModularSport sells a type of court whose installation is so easy that everyone can carry it out.

Base preparation

Before installing the court, you need to evaluate what type of material you want for the base, once the soil is already prepared. The optimal materials for the base of the court are concrete or asphalt.

This base may have small cracks, but if they are more than 1 centimeter wide they will need to be repaired before installing the court. Left unrepaired, these cracks could prevent the ball from bouncing consistently and the court from expanding and contracting based on temperature. This expansion and contraction is necessary so that the surface of the court does not crack with extreme weather.

You can prepare the base of the court as you prefer. However, ModularSport can take care of it so you have the assurance that the playing field base will be properly prepared.

How are the ModularSport courts installed?

Thanks to the fact that ModularSport courts are made up of many numbered tiles, their installation will be a piece of cake. If you chose to install them yourself, you only need to pay attention to how to correctly interlace and lock each tile with their neighbors.

Once all the tiles are placed according to their numbering, you can begin to place the necessary accessories (posts for volleyball nets, goals for futsal / hockey or basketball goals) so that you can enjoy your favorite sport.

However, don’t worry if you discover that, after your court has been delivered properly packaged, the task of installing it is difficult for you, or if you simply prefer that ModularSport carry out the entire process. Our staff is highly qualified to perform this task effectively.

Whatever your decision, ModularSport will be there to help you fulfill your dream of acquiring the sports court you are looking for to enjoy your free time.

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