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Modular courts, how they are prepared

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Modular courts, how they are prepared

Manufactured by Versacourt –of whom we are official distributors–, the modular courts are a great place where the whole family can have fun. In this post, we will explain how we work to turn your request into a reality.

1. Designing

When contacting our staff, the first stage will be telling us what you want. Will the sports court be used for practicing a single sport or many? What would be the sport(s) to practice?

At this stage, we need you to tell us what colors and what designs you want to have on your court.

2. Preparing the base

Once the design is created, we will produce the necessary diagrams and requirements for the construction of the base, made on concrete or asphalt. You can leave this stage in our hands or entrust it to a third party.

The diagrams will include the necessary spaces to install the accessories that you want into the court.

3. Painting

Meanwhile, the ModularSport staff will paint the court according to your wishes. Our staff will be in charge of applying the colors and painting the necessary marks for the correct practice of the chosen sports.

Because we use UV-resistant paint, the colors and markings will remain vibrant for years to come.

Once the painting is finished, the court is checked once more to ensure that all the requirements indicated by the client have been met.

4. Packing

When the court is fully painted and dry, it is separated into 4×4 tile sections to ease the assembly; each section is identified by a number.

Everything is packed in such a way that the first section on the first pallet will be placed on the top of the stack. Then the sections of the second pallet will follow and so on.

The complete package will be accompanied by a drawing indicating where each section should be placed according to its identification number. Also, there will be instructions in case you want to install the court yourself.

Once you receive the court at your home or sports center, you can install it yourself or, if you wish, our staff can take care of it.

If you are interested in a modular court, we have many options according to the sport you want to practice. We even have multisports courts to allow the practice of various disciplines in a single space.

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