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Modular courts: the best decision to invest in your community

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Modular courts: the best decision to invest in your community
Lo que necesita tu unidad residencial es invertir a largo plazo: canchas con pisos modulares, la mejor decisión

Modular courts: the best decision to invest in your community

When managing a residential unit, the upkeep of all areas in general requires a lot of money. And sports areas are not the exception.

The sports courts made of natural grass or asphalt are very common. At first these materials seem to be a good choice. However, later they demand a lot of resources –money and personnel– to keep these areas in good shape.

What would you think if we told you that you can install a sports court and the upkeep will be negligible?

ModularSport floors: low maintenance and money savings

One feature of the modular floors we sell is that the preventive maintenance is easy and very cheap.

In addition, you don’t have to hire some specially trained staff to keep the sports areas in shape. Your usual staff can clean the sports areas with just a garden hose or a leaf blower, that’s it!

Sports courts with natural grass need regular watering and mowing. And the sports courts with an asphalt surface crack over time. That makes the surface irregular and unsafe for players. ModularSports floors have a long lifespan. As long as you take care of the tiles according to our instructions, the floor will be OK.

How much money would you save on maintenance? We don’t know that answer for sure. But we do know that the modular floors in the sports areas of your residential unit will help you save money. That will allow you to allocate that money to other areas.

The warranty

ModularSport has a 15-year warranty, so even if a tile cracks we’ll replace it for free. We have a lot of trust in the floors we sell, because they are made by Versacourt.

Versacourt is the world leader in modular tiles. Those tiles can withstand extreme weather and sunlight. They are very durable and tough.

Are you interested in what we offer? Contact us and let us help you to save money with a high quality sports area!

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