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Modular floors: One system, many sports

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Dryer Valley Baptist Church Multisports Court

Modular floors: One system, many sports

Many of our clients ask for a multisports court, that is, a court that includes many sports within the same space. For this reason, ModularSport began to market modular floors that can contain, in the same court, a wide array of sports.

It is possible to offer a multisports courts that is adapted to the needs of each client thanks to the tools that VersaCourt has –the modular courts manufacturer that we sell– to design and customize sports courts.

But that is only 3/4 of the job. In order to have a functional multipurpose court, most sports require the installation of accessories and even a lighting system. Here, at ModularSport our staff is trained to take on these responsibilities.

Let’s see some of the sports that we can include in the multipurpose courts we sell:


The modular floor will be painted with the necessary markings to delimit the space available for playing this sport. Obviously, the tennis court will adapt to the space that the client has available.


The multisports courts are equipped with a uniform, durable and versatile surface that will allow the basketball to rebound perfectly and naturally. Additionally, the modular floor cushions the force on players’ knees and joints when running, stopping and jumping.


The surfaces of our multisports courts are suitable for playing volleyball. As we said above, the surface is smooth and cushions impacts. Furthermore, the court comes with a system that fixes the tiles that make up the floor. This system prevents the slabs from shifting and cracking, which in turn can lead to falls.

But more importantly, the volleyball posts come with a system that allows the height of the net to be adjusted, so that it can be adapted to the requirements of this sport or those of tennis.

At ModularSport we can also include other sports in your multisports court, such as roller hockey, shuffleboard or pickleball. Contact us and tell us what you need; you will be amazed by all we can do to help you.

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