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Modular floors, suited to most popular sports

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Pisos modulares: los deportes más reconocidos se adaptan a nuestras superficies

Modular floors, suited to most popular sports

Modular flooring is the most innovative sports court system on the market. The system we sell is known because of its quality, its durability and its long warranty. But it doesn’t matter what sport you want to play at home and the space where you want to install it.

Pick your favorite sport and ModularSport can make it happen.

Basketball court

Do you want to have fun with your friends or family? Installing a basketball court in your backyard or in your residential unit is a great idea.

Our modular floors have many customization options to make your basketball court unique. The surface of the basketball court is uniform and highly durable. It allows the ball to naturally bounce with a constant rhythm.

Tennis courts

High-performance sports, such as tennis, benefit greatly from the modular flooring we sell. Our modular tennis courts received the International Tennis Federation certification. This document certifies it is a fast speed surface. You can play tennis as a professional at your own home!

Volleyball courts

Modular floors offer you an incredible grip. Besides, the tiles slightly move from side to side. That movement makes the surface very safe and ideal for playing volleyball.

If you want, the court can be complemented by an adjustable net system –an accessory we also sell. With it, you can adjust the net height according to the height of the players. That makes it ideal for adults and children.

Roller hockey rinks

Yes, our modular floors are right for hockey too! The hockey rinks are made with a tile that offers a flat surface. That surface allows the puck to smoothly slide. The players can comfortably skate and quickly change directions as well.

Do you want a sports court at home? Email us and tell us what sports court you want.

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