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Modular floors types to offer an optimal performance

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Modular floors types to offer an optimal performance

Modular floors types to offer an optimal performance

ModularSport can install sports courts in any space, according to the needs of each client. This is possible because the tiles that make up the courts that we sell have different designs that allow them to adapt the space in which they will be installed.

ModularSport modular courts can be adapted to any type of space. We have appropriate modular floors for outdoor courts and for closed spaces. Let us tell you how they differ.

Outdoor court tiles

The outdoor sports courts face several challenges as they are exposed to the wear and tear caused by changes in temperature and weather. Its manufacturing material is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures while also being able to withstand the rain perfectly.

The tiles that make up the courts that ModularSport sells are slightly raised above the concrete or asphalt base on which the court is placed on. Thanks to the tile having some holes, this small elevation helps to drain the water and prevents puddles from forming on the court due to the rain.

On the other hand, the tiles are painted with a paint containing UV stabilizers. A UV stabilizer is a substance that gives the paint the ability to resist the wear and tear caused by sunlight. In this way, the tile will maintain its vibrant color for much longer.

Tiles for courts in covered spaces

Indoor sports courts have different challenges than those that will be outdoors.

A first feature that is different is the profile of the tile. These tiles have small star-shaped perforations that help to muffle the sounds produced by the continuous running, stopping and changing direction of the players.

On the other hand, the profile of the tile is relevant because moisture accumulates under the tiles. So, these perforations help remove that moisture below the surface.

And of course the tiles are made of a highly durable polymer that can withstand intense play without being scratched or broken. ModularSport is so sure of the quality of this material that it offers a 15-year guarantee.

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