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Modular Rinks, ideal for any outdoor area or park

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Modular Rinks, ideal for any outdoor area or park
Modular Hockey Rinks

Modular Rinks, ideal for any outdoor area or park

The modular skating rinks are one of the many outdoor recreation options that ModularSport offers you. The tiles we use for these skating rinks are different from those used to build sports fields, because a skating surface needs a specific set of features.

Better grip

A skating rink should provide sufficient grip to the skate wheels to allow skaters to keep control. However, at the same time, the surface should offer minimal friction to allow speed skating.

It is also necessary that the skating rink be completely smooth and give the feeling of being a single continuous piece. Good contact with the surface is vital to enjoy skating on it.

Effective Drainage System

Since outdoor skating rinks often require special treatment after suffering the consequences of bad weather, such as thunderstorms or hail, ModularSport offers you a drainage system that will allow you to have your rink back in no time.

This drainage system is different from the others because it takes into account how essential it is for you, as well as for the skaters, to have the skating rink completely dry.

For this reason, skating rink tiles have small pores that allow water to drain properly. This drainage system will leave the rink completely dry without you having to wait for too long and worrying about draining the water yourself.

In addition, this drainage system will prevent hard to see puddles of water from causing a perfectly avoidable accident.

ModularSport skating rinks are very versatile and can be installed outdoors or indoors. Do you want a skating rink for your community park or your sports club? Contact us and we will help you to get exactly what you need.

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