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Modular systems: what are they and why they are so useful?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Modular systems: what are they and why they are so useful?

Modular systems: what are they and why they are so useful?

As official representatives of Versacourt, at ModularSport we offer sports courts, but we also have modular systems. However, when a customer asks us about sports fields, they do not always understand the difference between the two products right away. So, let’s explain what modular systems are and why they might be what you are looking for.

ModularSport sports courts

At ModularSport we can sell a tennis court that is customized according to your needs: that is, it can be painted as you wish and sized according to the available space you have at home or sports center. This means that we can provide a standard size court or, if required, a court that is smaller and more appropriate for the space available.

This adaptability means that each court can be different for clients with different space needs. If you have any special requirements that your sports court must meet, ModularSport can take care of it.

However, what happens when clients have enough space for a standard sports court? That’s where our modular systems come into play.

What is a modular system?

Modular systems are sports courts that come in a standard size. They are modular courts that have already been manufactured, painted and are already available in our warehouse.

If you purchase a modular tennis or basketball system, it will be shipped much sooner than a custom sports court. The custom court must be assembled and painted to the specifications you listed. Once these have been successfully implemented, then and only then the sports court can be delivered.

How to know if it is okay to order a modular system

Some criteria to determine if a modular system is right for you or if you need a custom court are as follows:

  • Do you need your court to have a particular color or logo?
  • Do you have any special space needs?

If you want to install your court in a sports club and you want it to have the club’s colors and/or logo, then the custom court is the best option for you.

On our modular systems page, we have many systems for tennis, basketball and futsal. Note that each system needs to have available minimum dimensions. For instance, our tennis system needs a minimum width of 59’2” and a minimum length of 120’.

If you have more space available and don’t need a custom paint job, then a modular system may be the most appropriate option for you.

In any case, contact us and tell us what you need. Our staff can help you choose the best option for you.

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