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Modular tennis courts are certified by the ITF

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ModularSport's modular tennis courts

Modular tennis courts are certified by the ITF

The ModularSport courts have the International Tennis Federation (ITF) certification. This certification means that official matches can be played there. To receive that certification a tennis court must meet the following 4 requirements:

  • Uniformity: The surface must be smooth.
  • Visual inspection: The court must have no visual defects.
  • Slope and flatness: The height of the surface is measured from different locations on the court to confirm that it is perfectly flat.
  • Dimensions: The positions of the lines and the net should follow the required dimensions.

The ITF is the maximum certification offered by the International Tennis Federation (ITF in English) to all those facilities that meet the requirements that have been stipulated by it. To verify this, the tests are carried out by an ITF representative, as well as –if necessary– by a previously approved laboratory or company.

ModularSport is your best option for your sports club

If you want your facilities certified by the ITF, ModularSport can help you. Thanks to the fact that our tennis modular courts are officially certified, players will have a very pleasant gaming experience.

Our tennis court surfaces are durable, and come with a 15-year back-up warranty. They offer a uniform bounce to the ball.

Each tile that makes up the modular tennis courts sags slightly and then returns to its normal shape to prevent injuries to the player’s joints and back. Meanwhile, its patented anchoring system allows the court to be installed securely and remain attached to its base.

Certified modular courts have all the required features. However, if you want a tennis court of a different size, ModularSport can do it without difficulties. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of colors and even add your own logo!

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