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Modular tiles: how they are made?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Modular tiles: how they are made?
Modular tiles: how they are made?

Modular tiles: how they are made?

ModularSport sells sports courts made with modular tiles manufactured and painted by VersaCourt. VersaCourt is a market leader that controls the quality, thickness and color consistency of each court before being packed. However, how are the modular tiles manufactured?

Injection molding: what is it?

The modular tiles are manufactured through an injection molding press. An injection molding press is a piece of equipment used to shape some materials through a mould.

Usually, the material to be molded with this equipment is hot. The injection molding press injects the hot material into a cold mould through a little hole. Once it is full, the material is let to rest until it cools; then the mould is opened to extract the material.

For its plant in Dalton, Ga., VersaCourt acquired some last generation injection moulding presses to manufacture modular tiles with higher quality materials and consuming less energy.

Additionally, these machines make it easier to adjust and clean the moulds, in order to ensure that every tile is flat and lacks bumps that will make a ball rebound irregularly on the court.

Painting, assembling and sending

After being manufactured, the modular tiles are painted with a base color.

Once molded and painted, the modular tiles are put together to form medium-sized squares to check that the tiles can be assembled correctly until a court is completed. Also, the color consistency of the tiles is checked, that is, that the tiles have a specific color with no undesired variations in hue.

When ModularSport places an order, VersaCourt takes the manufactured tiles and assembles them to get a court of the desired size. Then, the court is painted according to the sport and the design the client requested.

If everything is OK, then the painted court is disassembled in fragments of 4 x 4 inches. These fragments are enumerated following the instructions in the installation handbook so our staff or yourself can install and assemble them.

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