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Modular tiles: the models ModularSport offers

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Modular tiles: how they are made?

Modular tiles: the models ModularSport offers

ModularSport sells sports courts with different features; those features come from the modular tiles that compose the courts. So you can be sure of how we can offer what we offer, we want you to know the modular tiles that we have available.

Speed outdoor

These tiles are ideal for outdoor spaces; they are quite smooth and have great impact absorption. These tiles have a great sliding capacity and therefore are the most appropriate for a skating rink or a roller hockey field. The rinks made with the Speed Outdoor tiles allow skaters to give their maximum performance, without slipping or tripping due to avoidable imperfections.

On the other hand, in case of rain, a court or track made with these tiles will be able to drain the liquid quite quickly compared to a cement court. However, it is necessary to wait until the court is dry to avoid slips and falls.

Game outdoor

These tiles were intended to be used primarily on basketball courts and multi-sport courts, as they provide plenty of traction for running athletes. In addition, the tile offers some cushioning, so the impact of jumping, running and changing direction will not be absorbed by the athletes’ joints or back but by the court.

This tile can also drain water quite quickly in case of rain; it is possible that it will do it faster than the speed outdoor tile because its holes to drain liquid are bigger. However, the Game outdoor tile is not appropriate for skating rinks, because the tile has a highly textured profile to provide athletes with grip.

Compete Indoor

Finally, for indoor courts we have the Compete Indoor tiles. Thanks to its versatility you can safely enjoy a huge variety of high-performance sports. You will have a uniform, crack-free surface that is highly durable and will require very little maintenance.

Another great benefit is that they are shock-absorbing and noise-reducing, so you can forget about those problems from the moment your players start the game.

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