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4 reasons why our volleyball courts are the best for you

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / 4 reasons why our volleyball courts are the best for you

4 reasons why our volleyball courts are the best for you

So, do you want to install a volleyball court in your sports center? Modular Sport has a long experience in the construction/installation of multi-sports courts. Our company makes volleyball courts with a modular system so that the installation process is shorter and cheaper.

Are you intrigued? Let us explain some features of our volleyball fields:

1. The field can have a customized size

We are fully aware of how important it is for our clients to count on us to design your playing field on a customized size, because we know that predetermined sizes have many disadvantages.

To be successful, we consult our customers to know how much ground they have available. Then we follow that guideline to design and build the volleyball court they deserve.

2. Exclusive selection of colors

For a better experience with us, we offer you a wide array of colors that you can choose for your volleyball court. Modular Sport can also draw designs and logos on the floor as per your request.

3. Very resistant surface

Our playing fields are made of a material that offers players more grip and friction to avoid slips. Additionally, the material is soft enough to not hurt the players’ joints and knees, but resistant enough to prevent scratches.

The floor is made with two types of tiles: each adapted to outdoor or indoor activity. The tiles are assembled in a very precise and simple way, so that there are no seams.

4. Finest quality

One of our goals is to help you to lower your regular maintenance costs of your volleyball field. For that reason, the materials we use on the playing field have the finest quality you can possibly find. Also, we also offer our assurance that the field will last for a long time. Once installed, the only regular cost you will experience is the regular cleaning with a broom and water, that’s it.

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