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ModularSport modular floors for outdoor areas at home

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / ModularSport modular floors for outdoor areas at home
Losas Modulares: ¿Cómo son fabricadas?

ModularSport modular floors for outdoor areas at home

When it comes to renovating outdoor spaces at our home, we often think of adding swings for the kids, repainting fences or simply placing a garden set. But little do we think that a renovation in the floors of these outdoor spaces can give them much more life than everything we already mentioned.

For this reason, ModularSport offers you modular flooring that can easily be adapted to the following spaces.


ModularSport offers you high quality synthetic grass for your yards and its professional installation to guarantee its performance and longevity. Also, our company offers you extensive experience in building high-quality outdoors green areas, which will give you excellent results throughout its lifespan.

ModularSport artificial lawns are an innovative alternative for landscaped spaces that have a wide array of benefits:

  • Array of lawn styles.
  • Hygiene and safety for children and pets.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • Helps to conserve water.
  • It does not need chemicals and fertilizers.

Swimming pools floors

For pools, ModularSport has custom flooring made in the USA. These surfaces are made according to the measurements and details you need and you will have the floor you want, with a dynamic and colorful look. The floor also has a UV filter to prevent the colors from fading.

The floor around a swimming pool is made with the highest safety standards and has low maintenance requirements; thus, cleaning can be easy and even fun. It comes with an anti-slip system to prevent falls and it is made of a material that prevents the surfaces from heating up.

Parking lots

ModularSport garage tiles will provide you with a solid surface, capable of withstanding with no problem the wear and tear from cars going in and out, and the continuous contact with corrosive liquids –such as fuels, thinners, motor oil and other household substances. Additionally, they are able to bear loads from large vehicles and do not suffer deformation or damage.

For more information, contact us through the contact information provided on our website.

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