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Accessories that a ModularSport multisport court must have

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Accessories that a ModularSport multisport court must have

Accessories that a ModularSport multisport court must have

It’s well known that a multisport court must have many accessories; otherwise, it won’t be able to offer a proper space for different sports. For this reason, ModularSport offers you some accessories that ModularSport to profit the adaptability of your court.

Premium LED Lighting System

When the sun goes down, it’s important to have a lighting system that allows the players to play matches at night without issues. With this intention, ModularSport offers you a lighting system with premium LED light bulbs.

The main benefit of using LED light bulbs is that they are more energy-efficient –and, consequently, the energy consumption will be cheaper– and they have a longer lifespan as well.

Adjustable Net System

Our adjustable net system has been conceived to work with 3 sports: volleyball, badmington and tennis. Each sport requires the net to be raised or lowered to different heights.

You can attach our net system to any game or light pole in your court. You could even attach the net to a game pole and to a basketball pole.

Hockey goals

The hockey goals we offer you are built using the best materials. Due to its high-quality materials and manufacturing, the goal will have a very long lifespan.

Do not be mistaken by its light weight. Our hockey goals can withstand impacts without suffering any scratches or dents. Because of its thin and durable poles, our staff uses grade 8 bolts to keep the poles together.


With these accesories, your multisport court will be the liveliest space of your home or school. Contact us if you want to know more about our sport courts and its accesories. We can install outdoors or indoors courts.

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