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ModularSport’s modular courts: 3 benefits for players health

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / ModularSport’s modular courts: 3 benefits for players health
ModularSport's modular tennis courts

ModularSport’s modular courts: 3 benefits for players health

It is very common that sport courts are not designed with the safety and well-being of the players in mind. Most of their surfaces were built with materials that can cause significant injuries. Nevertheless, a modular court is a more friendly option to players.

The modular system used by ModularSport is the latest technology trend in sport court building and installation. Traditional sport courts are made from concrete and their surfaces have a wide array of disadvantages:

  • Due to their hardness, they are more likely to cause injuries if somebody falls
  • It is hard to keep them clean, because dirt accumulates in the joints
  • The surface will crumble over time and the cracks will cause irregularities.

ModularSport modular courts keep players safe

Now that you know the disadvantages of the sport courts made from concrete, we want to talk you about the benefits of our modular courts manufactured by VersaCourt.

  • The VersaCourt tiles provide a safe surface. As the tiles move slightly, they offer protection to the players’ knees, joints and lower back.
  • The modular tiles have a textured surface to keep the athletes from slipping and help them to prevent injuries.
  • Also, the tiles are fit together and the surface is completely flat in order to make it harder for players to stumble and fall when running.

During installation, we provide you with an attachment system to anchor the tiles to the ground and prevent the court from shifting. This shifting is caused by the players running repeatedly in the same direction –for instance, when players run towards the basketball post.

Additionally, as VersaCourt official representantives, we can assure you that our tiles have a fairly long lifespan; they are manufactured to be highly resistant to the extreme weather and the wear and tear. Thus, a modular court will be a great investment for your sports center or school.

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