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Have fun with ModularSport’s pickleball courts

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ModularSport pickleball courts

Have fun with ModularSport’s pickleball courts

Pickleball is becoming a very popular sport, because it can be played by people with different ages and physical abilities.This sport can be played in many diverse recreational settings such as public parks, community centers, private health clubs, and retirement communities.

What is pickleball? How is it played?

Pickleball is a racket sport invented during the 1960’s as a combination of badminton, tennis and ping pong. The ball used to play is made of perforated polymer with 26-40 holes, and the net is similar to the tennis racket.

This sport can be played by two or four people. The game starts by serving the ball with an underarm stroke, that way the contact with the ball is made below the waist level in an upward arc.

The game finishes when some player fails the serve or the return of the ball.

Para-Pickleball and mixed matches

Para-Pickleball considers the wheelchair as a part of the player’s body. The Para-Pickleball rules are similar to those of the standard game with minor alterations related to the player’s body rules.

Also, it is possible that standing and wheelchair players play together in mixed matches. The standing players will follow the standard rules and the wheelchair players will follow the Para-Pickleball rules.

ModularSport’s pickleball courts

The pickleball courts that ModularSport sells are conceived to provide a flat and consistent surface. This surface offers the ball a regular and uniform bounce on the whole court.

Manufactured by Versacourt, our sport courts are made in standard dimensions. Also, we can install on the space you have available a multi-sport court that includes the pickleball court marking. Our staff will suggest a solution according to your needs.

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