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Multi-sport Courts: many sports in one place

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Multi-sport Courts: many sports in one place

Multi-sport Courts: many sports in one place

Does your school or sports club need a space that will be used by many people to practice different sports? ModularSport offers you the possibility of installing a multi-sports court in your space, so that your members can choose to practice the sport they prefer to play, whenever they wish.

We know that the space available for sports is different for each institution. For this reason, we have multi-sports courts available to practice sports outdoors or indoors; each of them has different characteristics.

Outdoor multisport courts

The ModularSport’s outdoor courts are made of tiles designed to resist the damage that bad weather –such as snow or hail– can cause on its surface. Thanks to their pores, the tiles can drain all the water that has accumulated on top of them because of the heavy rain. This design is also beneficial for players, since it prevents them from tripping, slipping and falling.

Indoor multisport courts

The indoor courts that ModularSport offers you are made of a different type of tile. These tiles are manufactured with a flexible material that prevents their degradation because of the heat. High temperatures can cause the tiles to crack during intense game sessions.

Markings and accessories

Once you have defined where you want your court, it is necessary to continue with the next step: define how many accessories you need for it, according to the number of sports you want the court to host.

Once you tell us which sports you want to have, the tiles that make up the court will come with the necessary markings so that the relevant lines for each sport are properly identified (volleyball, basketball, futsal …).

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