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Multiple courts: many possibilities for fun in one single space

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Multiple courts: many possibilities for fun in one single space
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Multiple courts: many possibilities for fun in one single space

When choosing your future sport court, either to practice for the sport of your choice, or to offer your clients or tenants the possibility of practicing sports, you probably didn’t consider that there is the possibility of adding several different sports on the same venue. This alternative would help you to make optimal use of the available space for recreational activities.

Benefits of ModularSport Multisports Courts

A multisports court has markings that allow the practice of different sports in the same space. The advantages that these sports courts offer include the lower cost, because you will reduce the maintenance and installation expenses that would be produced by placing two or more sports courts individually.

Another benefit is especially interesting for the construction of sports courts in urban environments where the space is often expensive and limited. In some situations, there is not enough space to place more than one sports court, such as one for tennis and one for basketball. ModularSport multisports courts offer you the possibility to solve this problem by adding these two sports in the same space.

Finally, you will reduce the time of installing many sports courts by solving it in a single operation.

Sports you can play on the ModularSport multisports courts

Sports suitable for the multisports courts offered by ModularSport include disciplines such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, roller hockey, pickleball or shuffleboard. It is possible to install a court for the practice of more than 2 sports.

In conclusion, ModularSport multisports courts offer a wide variety of benefits, including that they require less space and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They are a lower cost alternative to installing several separate sports fields.

Contact us if you are interested in the possibility of having a new sports field.

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