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Swimming pools, garages… Other uses for ModularSport’s tiles

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Swimming pools, garages… Other uses for ModularSport’s tiles
Swimming pools, garages... Other uses for ModularSport's tiles

Swimming pools, garages… Other uses for ModularSport’s tiles

The ModularSport’s tiles are often used for sport courts because initially that is what they were designed for. However, they have proved to be very versatile: our clients have used our tiles in different spaces and got many advantages.

Let us show you some other spaces whereby you can use ModularSport tiles:

Swimming pools

The ModularSport’s tiles are ideal for pools due to their safety standards, low maintenance and colorful look. The tiles are made 100% of polypropylene, a substance that helps to keep the surface fresh so swimmers could walk barefoot freely and comfortably around the pool.

These tiles have a UV filter to keep its colors vivid and vibrant. The surface has a drainage system to prevent puddles and, due to its anti-slip system, it prevents falls even if the floor is wet.

ModularSport tiles that suffer damages are covered by a warranty during 15 years.

Workshops and garages

The tiles ModularSport sells –we are an official representative of VersaCourt– to workshops have a very solid surface designed with a diamond plate pattern.

Also, the tiles come with a long-lasting support system called Speedgrid, that will protect the surface from the damage they could suffer due to cars rolling or parked on them. Their quality and lifespan is warrantied by our company during a period of 20 years.

The surfaces that ModularSport provides to workshops is very low maintenance to help mechanics to keep a neat workshop that will inspire trust in their clients.

Pet kennels

Our company can provide you with surfaces for cats and dogs kennels. The tiles have very tiny holes to allow the air circulation and manage humidity, so your pets’ fur will stay dry.

Also, the ModularSport’s tiles are designed to let liquids to flow freely, so it will help you to

  • keep your pets fresher during very hot days
  • avoid bad odors after your pets relieve themselves
  • drain the rain water
  • reduce the necessary maintenance of the kennel
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