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Outdoor Game tiles, the best choice for outdoors sports

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Outdoor Game tiles, the best choice for outdoors sports
Game Outdoor, la opción ideal para deportes al aire libre

Outdoor Game tiles, the best choice for outdoors sports

Do you want to install an outdoor sports court? Are you afraid that the extreme weather will not allow you to keep it in optimal conditions? Do you fear your sports court could be stolen?

We know that these are some of the doubts you face when deciding to install your sports court. Luckily, there is a solution and we will talk about this next.

At ModularSport we distribute VersaCourt modular floors. We sell a very good type of tiles, the Game Outdoor line. They are the tiles specially designed for outdoor sports courts. Why is this the best option?

1. Strong material

Being outdoors, the tiles will be exposed to the rain, sunlight and extreme weather. Normally, these factors would cause a premature discoloration of the surface.

However, these tiles are manufactured using a UV stabilizer. A UV stabilizer is a substance that prevents the discoloration from happening.

In short, the colors you choose will look like new for many years. For this reason, ModularSport offers you a 15-year guarantee for the tiles of the sports court.

2. Lock system

Game Outdoor modular floors have an innovative interlocking system. The system works with six locking points on each tile.

Those locking points allow the tiles to fit perfectly. They also keep the floor flat and prevent it from turning or twisting.

3. Anti-theft protection

Finally, we have some systems to prevent the theft of the outdoor sports courts:

  • Court Protect: with this system, the tile is fixed to the base of the court and locks it in one place.
  • Court Lock: this mechanism locks each tile to the next one. Thus, it prevents the sports court from being disassembled and stolen.

Both options are easy to install and very cheap. If you are interested, just contact us.

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