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Outdoor shuffleboard courts: why are they becoming popular?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Outdoor shuffleboard courts: why are they becoming popular?
Outdoor shuffleboard courts: why are they becoming popular?

Outdoor shuffleboard courts: why are they becoming popular?

Shuffleboard is one of most popular games today. Originated in England, the current version of the game comes from America, beginning the XXth century. The popularity of the game may be caused because it does not need significant physical dexterity and thus people of different ages and abilities may play together.

ModularSport is capable of building a shuffleboard court with our modular system and install it easily in any available space, outdoors or indoors. Thus, this is the reason why the game is becoming popular: shuffleboard is a very entertaining game and it can be played anywhere.

Where can a shuffleboard court be installed?

As shuffleboard gets more popular, more people would rather play this game just for fun. If you are looking for a game your guests could have fun playing, the best choice is shuffleboard. You can have a court easily, thanks to the ModularSport modular system.

For instance, hotels, apartment complexes and retirement communities are ideal spaces to install a shuffleboard court, outdoors or indoors. This is maybe the best decision, because your guests will receive a lot of benefits when you install a shuffleboard court in your property.

Benefits of ModularSport shuffleboard courts

  • The ModularSport tiles –made by VersaCourt– offer safe and confortable surfaces. It is a material that offers an ideal cushion to protect knees and joints.
  • The texture of the tiles prevents people from slipping while walking on our shuffleboard courts, so you may avoid your guests falling and getting injured.
  • The shuffleboard court is easily cleaned and requires little to no maintenance
  • The court is very easily installed
  • We can provide a wide array of possibilities of customization.

Are you interested in offering a shuffleboard court to your guests? If your answer is yes, then contact us and you will have your shuffleboard installed in no time!

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