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Parks: How VersaCourt tiles offer protection to children

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Parks: How VersaCourt tiles offer protection to children

The VersaCourt tiles we offer to our clients counts with multiple benefits, and the protection of their children is one of them. This protection our tiles can offer you, includes an impact absorption with the highest quality, which provides with a more tolerable surface than concrete or asphalt, to avoid serious injuries in the moment of play.

Another important protection thing is its capability to remain up to 50% cooler during the hottest days of the school year, which prevents that the kids suffer from a heatstroke. A one more benefit it provides in the summer is that it also minimizes the reflection of the sun rays into the floor, which is one of the main causes of insolation and sight damage, and let the children to watch to their playcourt without bad consequences.

Also, the smooth of our tiles prevents them from suffer wounds at one bad fall, and prevents them to fall at all because of a step that they may not see, thanks to the superior flatness the tiles can provide to all of you. This smoothness is also worthy to complement and improve the players movements. Last but not least, this tiles counts with versatility, because they have multiple combinations to transform the current court into another one.

All of this protection items are guaranteed by the excellent materials we use to build them, which we submit into the most tough conditions to ensure that its excellency is a reality and not a delusion. Our word is one of our main values, because we know how important it is to accomplish each and every single one of the things we say to you, and that reason leads us into aspire to be your main option at the moment of choosing the best court to protect your children.

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