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Pick your skate rink by ModularSport in 3 steps

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The kind of hockey rinks ModularSport sells / sta de hockey de ModularSport / Pista de hockey de ModularSport

Pick your skate rink by ModularSport in 3 steps

At ModularSport we know how hard it can be to choose the small details that are essential for you to get the skating rink of your dreams. For this reason, we offer you a small tutorial to make the task easier:

1. Choose where the rink will be located

First, we need to know where you want your rink to be located:

If you want it indoors, ModularSport features Versacourt Skate skating rinks. These rinks are designed to withstand a high number of skaters and the intense activity that they will surely perform. They can be used to coat an existing skating rink surface or build a new facility, without any problem.

Each and every one of the tiles that make up a skating rink offer a surface that allows fast skating and at the same time offers control, regardless of the type of skate of the athletes.


For outdoor skating rinks, the modular tiles are designed to have all the benefits of indoor rinks, but also to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

The materials wherein the tiles of the outdoor courts are manufactured can withstand variations in temperature caused by extreme weather. Furthermore, they come with small perforations that allow a quick drainage of the water.

2. Determine if you need the track to be customized

In ModularSport, we have sport courts in a wide array of colors and you can choose those that you like the most. We can also add lines, designs and logos, according to your needs or your organization’s. If you want the skating rink to have some text, logo and colors, you just have to indicate it when contacting us.

We can also offer you the possibility of converting your skating rink into a multipurpose court, ideal for enjoying other sports without needing a larger space.

3. Determine if you need a particular accessory

With the wide range of accessories that we have, we can help you turn your skating rink into a multisport court. For example, we have hockey goals, in case you want your family or members of your sports club to be able to practice this sport.

If you have any questions, or if you are looking for a different personalized solution, you can get in touch through the contact channels we have available.

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