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Play your favorite sport in a small space

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multisports court / cancha multideportiva

Play your favorite sport in a small space

Yes, you don’t need a huge space to have your own sports court. Even small backyards can become a place where the whole family can play and have unlimited fun.

Sports courts for small spaces

Do you want a sports court, but you think you don’t have enough space? At ModularSport, you can get a modular court manufactured by VersaCourt. These courts are made up of durable, low-maintenance tiles that adapt to the size of your backyard.

A basketball court gives you many options. You don’t need a large space, because there are modular courts kits that come in many different sizes. In the following picture, see how you can install a basketball half-court in a small backyard.

Are you looking for fun for the whole family? Do you want to liven up a small disused space? In that case, consider a shuffleboard court.

The shuffleboard courts can be installed almost anywhere, as long as its base is solid and flat. That makes it a great option because of its easy installation. They have a very low price and require minimal maintenance as well.

The multi-sports courts offer you the chance of choosing the games that will take place there. This makes it possible for you to have a wide variety of sports and games in one space. That would be harder to achieve in a traditional playing field.

Look at this incredible idea. It is a backyard with a small court where you can play basketball and shuffleboard.

With modular sports courts, everything is possible. Because they are designed so that you can install them yourself. Modular sports courts require neither anchors nor adhesives.

Please, contact us if you want us to customize your sports court before sending it to you. At ModularSport we can add colors, lines and even a logo. What is most important is that you liven up those little forgotten spaces at home.

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