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Why use modular flooring surfaces in your sports complex?

January 28th, 2019


One of the most important aspects in the construction of a sports court is the manner in which the flooring surface is built. As such, the client must choose the solution that best fits their needs. Among the various options available in the market, modular flooring surfaces is one of the most versatile and popular ones.


Modular  floor are one of the best options in the market because they can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to other systems. In simple terms, this system works like lego pieces. All you need to do is assemble the pieces (modular tiles) together in order to build a sports court. Not only is this process quick and low cost, it also allows the client to build the sport surface on almost any surface. 


At Modular Sport, we design the modular floor with numbered tiles that our client can then install with ease. The materials used guarantee optimal experience, similar to that offered by traditional floor solutions (such as wood and concrete).


Modular sports allow for the construction of sports courts with multiple designs that can be modified to our client’s needs when they desire it so. Another one of its advantages, is its low-maintenance cost.  


This system is build upon an expandable junction technology. What purpose does it serve? Modular floor are made of polypropylene, which means that the modular tiles vary depending on the weather conditions. As an example, this means that in intense heat the tiles might increase in size (as they dilate), while they could also shrink in the cold. 


The expandable junctions prevents any change in the surface, whether it is due to physical displacement or thermal variations. Additional, they guarantee that they modular surface will dock to irregular surfaces with stability. 


March 13, 2021





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