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Protect your outdoor court with the VersaCourt antitheft system

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Protege tu cancha al aire libre con los sistemas antirrobo de VersaCourt

Protect your outdoor court with the VersaCourt antitheft system

The modular floors we sell make any sport courts become very attractive for both users and spectators. Our mission is that you can enjoy sports at home, your community or sports club.

Unfortunately, due to its attractiveness, people can try to steal your modular court. Well, fear not! ModularSport sells anti-theft systems. They are the most affordable and easiest way to secure your modular floors so that any theft attempt is thwarted.

Court Protect

It is a border system for the sports courts. The Court Protect system is anchored directly to the ground. In this way, the system locks the entire modular floor in place without it losing the clean appearance. This system becomes the ideal solution for public and commercial courts.

Court Lock

This system is an anti-theft mechanism that locks one tile to the next one and thus prevents them from being stolen. You can install this system yourself in a simple way, without additional tools. The installation will not represent an excessively high cost and it is hidden from everyone’s view.

Now you know that having an outdoor court is 100% secure with any of the two patented anti-theft systems we have for you. Whether Court Lock or Court Protect, both options will allow you to have an outdoor court without having to hire a 24/7 security guard.

Contact us if you do not know which is the right system for you, we will be happy to make your life easier.

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